Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Read, Learn & Succeed

Reading just 15 minutes a day can help build the literacy and developmental skills needed to start school ready to read, learn and succeed. We know that families in Mt Druitt face complex social and economic issues, which result in many barriers to buying or sourcing books for a child.

The Imagination Library in Mt Druitt empowers parents to become their child’s first teacher, sending the gift of a book a month into the home.

Free books right to the doorstep

Through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, The Hive works to provide resources for families to discover the enjoyment and importance of reading together. This international program provides young children with a free book to their doorstep every month until they turn five years old.

It recognises the importance of reading with a child from birth, and each book comes with tip sheets to support the parent on how to engage their children in the story and support their development.

Stories from the communities

Early Learning Linker

Supporting families to overcome barriers impacting their child’s access to early education opportunities.

Child Health Linker

Assisting and empowering families to overcome barriers and navigate the health system.