2 May 2024

Understanding the need for Early Learning Linkers – A Case Study

A mother was referred to the Hive Early Learning Linker (ELL) facing barriers of paperwork and a preschool bond, preventing the child from enrolling in the centre. The mother speaks English as a second language and was overwhelmed by the complicated process. She presented other concerns to the ELL about housing, financial stress, lack of transport and unemployment. The mother had ten children living under her care. The ELL had been able to connect this family with local organisations for services to provide support for the broader family complexities.

The ELL provided brokerage to cover the cost of the preschool fees for the family. Support was also needed to find alternate options for another two days of preschool for the child while the mother sought employment, as there were limited days available in the original Centre and limited high-quality childcares in the area. The ELL worked with the mother to know what childcares are available and assisted the family with enrolment paperwork. The mother faced barriers in accessing the child’s birth certificate and immunisation documents and the ELL was able to assist the mother to access these through liaising with government services and utilizing online portals.

When all documents were successfully provided the ELL paid for the child’s birth certificate to finalise the enrolment process for both Centres. The support of the Early Learning Linker was vital to this enrolment process in overcoming the various obstacles for the child in accessing early education, however speaks to the lack of high-quality centres available and the complexity of the enrolment process for vulnerable families.