Early Learning Linker

The link to a better start

The Hive’s Early Learning Linker supports families to overcome barriers impacting their child’s access to early education opportunities.

We know that access to quality early childhood education is vital for a child to start school well. However, in 2770 many children are starting Kindergarten without having attended formal early childhood education.

The reasons for this are varied and complex; cultural and financial barriers, poor transport and mistrust of institutions all play a part.


Supporting families into ECEC

We recognise that a child starting childcare or preschool is a big step for families, The Hive’s Early Learning Linker provides emotional support to families, helping to answer any questions parents and caregivers have along the way.

Our Early Learning linker team supports families to seek information about early education or preschool options to meet their needs. We assist families in navigating the childcare subsidy process and help families fill out enrolment paperwork which may include accessing their child’s birth certificate. For families who cannot afford the ECEC bonds, we assist with paying brokerage for bonds or arrears.

A place-based approach for success

Our Early Learning Linker identifies families through our engagement events, or through referrals from other local services and early education centres. We meet and work with these families where they feel most comfortable in their community; from local community spaces, to the family home and local cafes and parks.

Advocating for long-term sustainable change

The Hive actively supports families to overcome the many barriers that currently exist to accessing early childhood education. However, our goal is to remove these barriers entirely. To achieve this, we build relationships with Senior Policy Advisors and advocate for structural, system-wide change at local, federal and sector-level.

Our Initiatives

Bound by a shared goal and developed in collaboration with the community, The Hive’s initiatives enable sustainable change.

Our Communities

Working collaboratively with local services in four suburbs across 2770, The Hive forms a community backbone, responding to the communities needs and priorities.