Check-Ups Before School Program

Early intervention for a better start

The Hive’s Check-ups before school program (CUBS) ensures that Mt Druitt’s children aged 0-5 are developmentally on track and ready to learn. A place-based initiative in collaboration with NSW Health, CUBS aims to increase participation in developmental checks that support the early identification of developmental delays and disabilities, before children begin school.


Building trust to overcome barriers

We know that families in Mount Druitt face many barriers to accessing services. CUBS operates on the ground, in the heart of the community to build trust, and reach children on the margins who would otherwise miss these crucial health screenings.

A child and family health nurse is integrated into local spaces such as preschools, playgroups, schools and community centres. This enables the holistic support of the child’s wider eco-system – educators, community workers, the nurse and the family work together to identify the child’s needs and access the right supports.


Expanding our reach

The CUBS Program operates in Willmot, Lethbridge Park and Bidwill, and has expanded in 2021 to include an integrated team of a part-time Speech Therapist and a Health Linker (social worker) who can assist families overcome barriers to accessing their referrals such as; allied health appointments, the NDIS or other family complexities.

CUBS has access to brokerage funds for children’s needs following the developmental assessment. This program is also undergoing a formal evaluation by Western Sydney University.

Our Initiatives

Bound by a shared goal and developed in collaboration with the community, The Hive’s initiatives enable sustainable change.

Our Communities

Working collaboratively with local services in four suburbs across 2770, The Hive forms a community backbone, responding to the communities needs and priorities.