15 August 2021

New collaboration happening across ECECs

The 2770 Early Educators Network is a bi-monthly community of practice that is driven by the needs of a community of educators, the National Quality Standards and data. The network brings people together to learn from subject experts, and each other, to sustain a quality environment for children in Mt Druitt.

Through this network some great collaboration and new relationships were formed between early childhood leaders.

This year, Whalan Preschool Public School (WPPS) had their service to the community interrupted after a storm destroyed some rooms at their preschool. This, however, did not stop them from continuing their work. The Preschool Assistant Principal of Whalan connected with Tregear Presbyterian Preschool (TPP) to organise an excursion for the educators. The educators of WPPS spent the morning touring TPP, having discussions between educators around high standards of practice, compliance, and the exchange of ideas in setting up learning environments. The educators shared their passion for helping children in a community where many are experiencing disadvantages in health and education.

The sharing of ideas revolved around how to improve learning outcomes for children through the delivery of quality education and care. This experience showed us the power of bringing together passionate people who want make a difference in early childhood education and care.

The Early Childhood Educators’ Network brings together services to connect and collaborate more with one another and create a space where they can be comfortable to share their passion and their knowledge allowing the opportunity for everyone to learn, grow and flourish in their work because they do not feel isolated anymore. This in turn will add value and quality to the remarkable work they do in supporting the children in 2770, where we can see more and more children have the best early years’ experience and see them transition smoothly to primary school.

“Children are the priority,
Change is the reality,
Collaboration is the strategy.”
– Judith Billings

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