2 May 2024

Stories of Impact – Child Health Linker

A mother attended a community sporting activity with her 5-year-old son. She mentioned to The Hive staff that she had concerns about her son’s development and wanted help as he was starting school next year. The Hive’s Child Health Linker (CHL) met the mother and child, and it was evident the child had severe developmental needs as he was non-verbal, drooling, displayed no eye contact, and did not show interest in activities. The mother did not seem too concerned apart from his lack of speech. The family were migrants to Australia and had a different understanding of child development and had limited understanding of English. The CHL gently discussed his needs with the mother and supported to book and pay for a developmental paediatrician appointment to assess for an Autism diagnosis. The CHL kept in regular contact with his mother to support by filling in paperwork ahead of the paediatrician appointment. The CHL attended the appointment with the mother and provided emotional support throughout the appointment where he received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 3 and Global Development Delay. The CHL supported the family to access the NDIS and connecting to relevant allied health therapists and family support services, as well as ensuring the school receive the information to prepare for the child to start school next year.