About The Hive

A unique, community-led approach to achieving lasting change

The Hive operates on Darug land, at the heart of the Mt Druitt community. We build trust, we listen, we engage and we empower. We form a backbone that brings residents, services, business and Government together so that the 6000 children aged 0-5 in the 2770 postcode have the best possible start to life.

Mt Druitt is a diverse and vibrant community in Sydney. Its people are resilient, strong, passionate and kind. It is a community that is faced with complex social and economic issues that can lead to developmentally vulnerable children.

In the past, the approach to providing support services in the 2770 postcode has been fragmented.  Services have operated in silo, resulting in service gaps, double-ups and a community left feeling ‘handed-around’.   

The Hive is a place-based collective impact initiative focused on the early years of a child’s life, as we know this where the greatest impact can occur, and is guided by a community-centered approach.  We understand that each child is part of a wider eco-system, so fostering strong and connected families, ensuring access to health screening and quality early childcare education and creating safe, empowered communities is vital to protect and nurture the next generation.  

Working together for change

The Hive wants every child to start school well

The Hive operates across a suburb, postcode and systems level to create sustainable change.

From on-the-ground projects that test new ideas to fill gaps and overcome barriers, to community initiatives designed to discover the needs of residents, and advocacy leadership aimed at creating system-wide change; we strive to build an empowered, child-centered Mt Druitt.

The work we do is deeply embedded in community voice, and community aspirations.

Our Journey

With a shared goal of  every child starting well, and community voice and aspiration as a guide, The Hive is on a journey to enable and effect sustainable system-wide change in 2770.

Our vision & mission

Postcode should not determine a child’s success in life. The Hive’s vision is for all children in
Mt Druitt to start school well, with equal opportunity to learn, be healthy and participate in quality community life.

Our team

The Hive is a small, dedicated team of people, all committed to a shared goal. Each member of our team brings diverse life experiences to their work in
Mt Druitt each and every day.

Our partners

The Hive acts as a backbone for The Together in 2770 collective impact initiative. Our Partners are an extension of our team, and work tirelessly to meet the needs of the community.

Our Approach

Find out about our unique, holistic and child-centred approach.