About The Hive

Our Vision & Mission

Enabling a thriving generation of children in
Mt Druitt

The Hive’s goal is for all children in Mt Druitt to start school well, with equal opportunity to learn, be healthy and participate in quality community life.

Start well in 2770

Our mission is to create sustainable structural and systematic change.

We operate at the heart of the Mt Druitt community with the goal of building an environment that fosters safe and connected families, provides access to health and developmental screenings, offers ease of access to quality early education, and supports a rich home learning environment.

Underpinning everything we do on the ground, our system-wide advocacy work ensures that the government-level policies and strategies directed at Mt Druitt are fit for purpose and guided by the real needs of our residents.

Community Voice & Aspirations

To be successful, we understand that we must build trust and engage with the residents of Mt Druitt. Community voice is central to our approach for creating conditions for change.

Creating System-Level Change

Through social innovation and advocacy, The Hive aims to influence Government policy and strategy to ensure the system surrounding 2770 is effective and child-centred.

Our Initiatives

Bound by a shared goal and developed in collaboration with the community, The Hive’s initiatives enable sustainable change.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated people committed to building community capability in Mt Druitt.