Why The Hive

What is The Hive?

The Hive is a network of people working in Mt Druitt, to bring together the community, services, businesses, government, and philanthropy to address locally identified priorities. We are on the ground facilitating local community change and influencing systems to ensure every child in Mt Druitt starts school well, and has enhanced life outcomes.

Why does The Hive exist?

While there is a long history of quality service delivery in Mt Druitt, this has not achieved lasting community change. Collaboration is lacking between those working and living in Mt Druitt. When service delivery organisations, communities, businesses, government and philanthropy collaborate, no one falls through the gaps.

When we listen to the aspirations, strengths and challenges of people who live in Mt Druitt – and respond together – it is not ‘business as usual’. The Hive network draws on local knowledge and global evidence to develop collaborative local solutions that ensure every child in Mount Druitt starts school ready to thrive in life.

Because in Mt Druitt:

  • At least 3 in 10 children are ‘developmentally vulnerable’ in their first year of school.
  • The number of children at ‘Risk of Significant Harm’ is more than double the NSW average.
  • NAPLAN performance is significantly below the NSW school average.
  • Unemployment is more than double the NSW average.
  • Domestic assault is 2.5+ times higher than the NSW average.
  • Robbery rates are 4+ times higher than the NSW average.

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Our approach 

We work with communities, local service providers, government, businesses and philanthropy.

Our approach spans child, family, community and system factors.

We target a small number of suburbs and intervention pathways, expanding our work as we achieve results.

We continuously adapt our work based on results, opportunities, and changes.