Our Approach

Our approach enables the Mount Druitt community to work alongside services, government and business to achieve long-term change.

We work from the Rutherglen Community Centre on Anderson Ave, Blackett. We use this as a neutral space where diverse local stakeholders can come together to form collaborative responses to local issues and opportunities.

The Hive includes:
• A team to coordinate the work
• A place for people to come together (24 Anderson Ave Blackett)
• A process for working collaboratively
• A network of passionate, committed individuals from Mount Druitt and many different organisations and sectors.

The goals we hope to achieve together are now being developed with community members and supporters.
We will share them and build on them as we go. The approach we use to do this is below.

The Hive Approach Flat

Swarm Icon


Swarms bring a large and diverse group of people together at key points in our journey (1-2 times per year). This gives us the opportunity to connect, share insights, identify priority areas for change, align our work, and review our progress.



Incubation involves giving more focused attention to areas for collective action. A small and diverse group of people is brought together to research the relevant issues and causes. After testing different options for action, the group will agree on a collective response designed for Mt Druitt.



Implementation is where we turn ideas into action. Leadership will transition from The Hive Team to whichever community groups or organisations are best placed to make change happen. The Hive Team will continue to provide ongoing support and capacity building as needed.



The Hive Team is here to support the process of working together. This can include hosting events, facilitation, communication and administration. We work in the background to bring people together and support your ideas to come to life.

the eco system


We know that working only with individuals will not achieve long term change. We seek to work at child, family, community and system levels. This helps to ensure that the conditions are in place for healthy child development and diverse opportunities later in life.