Willmot is a small suburb on the north western edge of Mt Druitt and is home to just over 2500 people. Because of its geography, Willmot is unique. It is 7 kilometres away from the local train station and it isn’t closely bordered by other suburbs.

The Hive established the Willmot Working Group in June 2016 to collaboratively engage the community.

In 2017 our working group includes members from a range of local service providers, government and non-government organisations. It also includes local community members. The working group is working closely to listen to the local community to understand their concerns and aspirations.

From the Community Conversations held already, we are hearing that the people of Willmot want to feel safe and live in a friendly community that is clean, but they are concerned that kids have nothing to do. These are just some of the concerns that the working group is reviewing options for and developing a coordinated response to.

If you are a resident of Willmot, or a service provider working in the area, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more or get involved.  Contact us today.