Meet The Team

The Hive Team build momentum and implement strategy by:

  • Activating Working Groups
  • Incubating new initiatives
  • Facilitating Community Conversations
  • Delivering continuous communications
  • Guiding the vision and strategy
  • Influencing systems
  • Supporting aligned activity
  • Co-ordinating shared measurement and evaluation
  • Leveraging resources


Danielle Roderick is The Facilitator @ The Hive.
Dani’s role is to oversee the teams operations including communication, planning, data, research and evaluation. Dani assists with facilitating some of the working groups and discussions with new and potential partners about how they can contribute to the shared work of The Hive.

Benjamin Rose is the Community Engagement Coordinator @ the Hive.
Ben’s role involves engaging the wider community with The Hive initiative through community engagement and working groups, as well as facilitating and maintaining a network of volunteers and community workers. Ben takes the lead on hosting Community Conversations as a way to understand what’s going on in the community and where people’s passions for action lie.

Sarah McNabb is the Early Learning Coordinator @ the Hive.
Sarah’s role focuses on the Early Childhood Education and Care project which includes a focus on engaging families for the purpose of early education, increasing enrollments and participation in formal early learning, and supporting the local sector to improve quality service delivery.  Sarah spend a significant amount of time walking alongside families to understand the challenges they face in trying to enroll children in Early Education.

Marybeth Sheen is Community Engagement Officer @ the Hive.
Marybeth’s role involves engaging the wider community to understand what is going on for families, and project coordinating specific events and initiatives.  Marybeth is also responsible for managing the local level communications between The Hive and community members and keeps people updated using our Facebook page.

Laura Tyne is Community Engagement Officer @ the Hive.
Laura’s role involves supporting all members with community and family engagement initiatives, as well as project coordinating specific events and initiatives. Laura also takes care of research tasks and managing the data for the team.


United Way Australia are the neutral backbone organisation for The Hive.
The Hive Team are enabled by a range of staff within United Way Australia.

The Leadership Group
Sets The Hive’s strategic direction and oversees implementation. 

The Ambassador Group
Champions the initiative and removes systemic barriers to progress the work.

Working Groups
At both suburb and topic levels, these are activated to form a collective response to the work.

The Community
represented in all the above.