Lethbridge Park

Lethbridge Park is in the centre of Mt Druitt and is home to almost 5000 people. The Hive established the Together in Lethbridge Park Working Group in 2017.

Together in Lethbridge Park includes members from a range of local service providers, government and non-government organisations and residents. By documenting Community Conversations, we are hearing that the people of Lethbridge Park want to live in a good place to raise children where there is no anti-social behaviour.

The Hive is regularly out and about in Lethbridge Park, running Sports and BBQ events, Kids Days (for children 0-5), holiday programs and Pop-Up cafes to engage with the local community. We are excited to be organising a Community Forum in Lethbridge Park in 2021.

Our core collaborators in Lethbridge Park include HopeStreet BaptistCare, The Salvation Army, Connect Child & Family Services, Bidwill Uniting, Lethbridge Park Public School & Lethbridge Park Community Members.