How we work

We believe that:

• Community ownership should be at the centre of everything we do.

• Children deserve a voice in their future.

• No single individual or organisation can do this work alone – Government, non-profits, businesses and community members need to collaborate to achieve lasting change.

• Band-aid responses are not enough. We want to achieve long-term impact by working at child, family, community and service system levels.

• We are not afraid to try new things – we are always open to testing, learning and improving.

• To grow a movement for change we need to begin with those with the most energy and the passion to lead.

• We learn from and acknowledge work that has been successful in the past and present

• We don’t let perfect get in the way of progress

We draw on successful approaches for community-wide change, including:

· Strengths based community work
· Co-design
· Collective Impact