Founding Partners

The Hive was initiated in 2015 by the Ten20 Foundation, United Way Australia, and NSW Family and Community Services, and represents an innovative partnership between government and philanthropic funding.

Today, these partners collaborate with the local community, schools, services, businesses and others to deliver our 2021 goal that all children in Mt Druitt start school well.

unitedway United Way Australia is the neutral backbone organisation behind The Hive, facilitating the collaboration required among diverse stakeholders to ensure a thriving generation of children in Mt Druitt. This includes community engagement, building a movement for change, facilitating a common agenda and collaborative mindset, sourcing funds and forming partnerships to deliver shared value, developing shared measurement, and administrative functions including impact measurement and reporting.

The Hive team are staff of United Way Australia.

ten20 Ten20 Foundation are a catalytic funder of The Hive, which is part of the Opportunity Child network, a national initiative helping communities work better together to change the lives of thousands of vulnerable children in Australia. Through collaboration with six partner communities including The Hive, partner organisations and a wider learning network, Opportunity Child aims to dramatically increase the number of Australian children living happy and productive lives.

Ten20 and Opportunity Child are represented on The Hive’s Ambassador groups.

FACS_logoNSW Family and Community Services are one of the founding funders of The Hive. FACS are represented on The Hive’s Ambassador & Leadership groups.


Sabemo logo.png

Sabemo Trust have been a key funder of The Hive since 2016.  Sabemo Trust are a charitable trust formed to support projects that help children. They are also represented on The Hive’s Ambassador Group.