Early Years Work

The Hive recognizes that the first 5 years is a crucial time for children’s growth and development. By fostering and supporting children’s development during this time, we can provide the fundamental building blocks essential to improving projected outcomes for children well into adolescence and adulthood.    

The AEDC data reveals that outcome for children within the Mt Druitt postcode are much lower than other postcode areas throughout Sydney and NSW. At least 1 in 3 children are considered ‘developmentally vulnerable’ before starting school.

We know families in Mt Druitt are strong, resilient and care greatly for their children. However, the systems and supports that are available for children aren’t always accessible for all families. 

The Better Systems Better Chances report (ARACY 2015) outlines key areas of intervention and support for children and their parents/carers to give a child the best foundations for success. The Hive are guided by these result areas and have aligned our early year’s initiatives to these.

The Hive recognize that children are raised in families, who reside in communities, and therefore believe that a suburb wide approach is also required alongside targeted early years initiatives. Our community development work has a focus on child wellbeing, and works alongside partners and residents to strengthen communities, as well as provide opportunities to engage and build trust with families which can lead into relational and intentional support.

The Hive regularly share our learnings of families experiences and barriers in the early education system and child health system to policy makers to advocate for more equitable systems for families experiencing complexities.