Early Learning Linker

Our Early Learning Linker supports families with young children to overcome barriers impacting their child’s access to early education opportunities. This includes:

  • Supporting families to seek information about early education or preschool options that meet their needs.
  • Assisting to navigate the childcare subsidy process.
  • Supporting with enrolment paperwork
  • Accessing birth certificates for children
  • Paying brokerage for bonds or arrears
  • Any other support required for the family to ensure their child can start preschool. 

We know that a child starting childcare or preschool is a big step for families, and our Linker can help to provide emotional support and answer any questions a parent may have along the way. 

Our Linker meets families through our engagement events or through referrals from other local services and early education centres and works with families wherever they feel most comfortable in their community. This includes local community spaces, the family home, local cafes or parks.