School Readiness


Improving school readiness in Mt Druitt by taking a holistic approach – working across organisations, sectors and with community.


•  Success at 4-8 is an early indicator of future educational outcomes

•  School readiness can interrupt the cycle of disadvantage by enabling access to education. Education increases life
opportunities and choices in the long term.

•  A holistic approach is needed because children spend more time out of school than inside school.

•  An interim group has been formed to carry the work forward
•  A draft set of questions for Community Conversations and service mapping has been developed
•  We agreed to use a prototype approach that focuses first on 2-3 suburbs. We will build a deep understanding of what
impacts school readiness in these suburbs, and begin to design and prototype local solutions. This will allow us to work
together and learn more efficiently, scaling to the broader 2770 postcode when we have some early learnings about what
works and what doesn’t.
•  The interim group will identify the suburbs, considering criteria around opportunism and diversity of sites.

1.  Establish Holistic School Readiness Collective Action Network
2.  Refine objectives and approach
3.  Identify indicators of success
4.  Engage others to be part of the action network
5.  Develop and implement an insight collection plan to understand root causes, existing services, service gaps, and what

     would help. Insight collection includes:

•  Service mapping (2770 wide and local)
•  Quantitative information (data insights from 2770)
•  Qualitative information (focusing on two prototype suburbs only)

–  Community conversations
–  School forums (including teachers, students, principals to understand their perspective)
–  Service provider perspectives
–  Existing literature and research from Australia and abroad

6.  Bring the insights together at an Incubation Session to design potential solutions to improve school readiness in two
prototype suburbs in 2770
7.  Prototype and test solutions, collecting data to learn what works and what doesn’t
8.  Use insights from prototyping to improve solutions and develop a plan to scale across all suburbs in 2770