Community Development

The Hive’s utilises a Collective Impact framework for our community development work and regularly engage with the community and local stakeholders in a series of monthly working groups to discuss community aspirations and also plan collaborative activities to address community concerns. The Hive utilises Harwood Institute’s Community Conversation model to consult residents on their concerns, aspirations and solutions for their community, understanding that residents are the experts on their own context, not services. The Hive conduct these Community Conversations and train other collaborating partners in the model, and then collate the data to inform each suburb’s collective work plan to contribute to positive social change at a local level. 

The Hive know that Mt Druitt is a large place of 60,000 people, and each suburb has its own unique strengths, challenges and local champions, and as such each suburb deserves a place-based approach and attention for its unique needs. The Hive conduct community development work in four suburbs in the 2770 postcode where residents and organisations work together on their suburb’s own priorities and goals.

Our Community Development work focuses on supporting safe, connected, inclusive and child-friendly suburbs, understanding these are the contexts where children will grow and require positive experiences in. The community development component of The Hive’s work also creates a platform to support all of our Early Years work as we acknowledge that there is a history of mistrust in Mt Druitt, and regular community engagement events assist to build trust and credibility in the community which can provide organic and relational opportunities for families to receive support for their children in other initiatives. 

See the following pages for a summary of our suburb-focused work

If you are a resident of any of these suburbs, or a service provider working in the area, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more.