16 August 2021

Reflections of a local Willmot resident

“In the last two years, I have noticed the community coming together more to develop new friendships. The Hub has drawn and connected people with one another who wouldn’t necessarily be involved in the community. The Hub has engaged a wide range of people across the neighbourhood.”

“I have noticed that people are no longer frightened to come out of their homes and meet others.”

“The most significant change I have witnessed is the support that families receive. The people at the Hub are there for local residents who need support and guidance with dealing with family related matters. I have also seen so many local children involved in the Hub’s programs, so they are not left to their own devices. Through the Hub’s programs, services and events, children, young people and the adults have been positively interacting with positive people at the Hub. In this environment, people are able to make themselves available to the plentiful opportunities to develop and strengthen their ability to improve their physical, mental and emotional health, so that they can have a better a future.

Before the change, it was pretty negative here. There was always a focus on crime rate, drugs, alcohol. Because we are an isolated community, it tends to build up and up in this suburb, and it impacts on people in a negative way. Now, after the Hub set up, there does not seem to be a dependency on drugs as much anymore. There is always alcohol, because it’s legal. The crime that comes with drugs was here for a very long time and very out there. Now, the presence of drugs and crime seems to have slowed down a bit.

The Hub has given people a different view in life; to make people aware of what they can achieve. When people come to the Hub they are able to experience positive emotions and thinking to help them resolve their issues. These positive feelings help people to not feel so burdened by their problems. It is an enlivening feeling to see people feel lighter because of the support they receive here. I walk away knowing that people know now they are able to receive the support they need to move forward.”